FINISH YOUR TROOPER KIT BOX! Custom Engraved Plates for your costume transport box.

Storage box, tote box, Stanley tool chest, Husky tool chest.. whatever you use, make yours look fantastic with our customised trooper plates bearing your costume icon, your ID and the Official 501st Legion or your Garrison or Rebel Legion Base logo.

Large range of plates, images, approved Official logos, and finishes available. We also have our unique Official 501st and Rebel Legion logo'd kit box discs.

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Welcome to Assassin Graphics

It’s time to pimp up your kit box Trooper!

Got a Stanley® or Husky® 50 Gallon tool chest that you transport your Stormtrooper costume in?

Got a Stanley® FatMax tool chest to carry your Vader outfit in?

Got a generic Strata Hexi-Plate storage box for your TIE Pilot, X-Wing Pilot or Officer gear?

Whatever your choice of tool chest or storage box, you’re not a builder going to a construction site, so don’t look like one when you turn up to troop at an event.! Convert your tool chest or storage box into something so cool… and personalised to suit you and your 501st or Rebel Legion approved costume with an Assassin Graphics Approved kit box plate.

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Designed & made by a trooper, for fellow troopers

We might be a small family business, but first and foremost, all our plates and merch are designed and made by me – a 501st member and active trooper in the UK Garrison.

Group hug

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Get yourself ID’d

We are delighted to be able to bring you the new and fully approved 501st Legion (along with various Garrison and Detachment levels) and the NEW Rebel Legion ID badges. Show your allegiance at Legion, Garrison, or Base level with a custom engraved ID badge with your membership detail on.

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New 501st + Rebel Legion ID Badges

Order your customised 501st Legion, UK Garrison, Reel Icons, Danish Garrison, Blizzard Force, IW Garrison, FISD, Souther California Garrison, French Garrison, German Garrison, UKG Rebel Command, and the NEW Rebel Legion ID badges. Personalised to you and supplied complete with magnetic clasp or cardholder.

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